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Diabetes patients are why advised to take meal on proper time and for exercise

                       Diabetes is additionally called as sugar diabetes. it’s a condition that occur in our body when cannot use glucose normally results in high blood sugar levels.it is that the major risk factors which cause various cardiovascular problems, kidney damage, nerve damage, foot damage and others. . Insulin and other oral anti diabetic drugs are given to patient for the treatment of diabetes. Oral diabetic drugs are classifying into 7 categories. But mainly these categories are used sulfonyl ureas, biguanides, alpha-glucosidase inhibitors, thiazolidinediones. and that they are used as single therapy or combinational therapy. And insulin injection0s also are given to patient once they are affected by high blood glucose levels which can’t be controlled. These drugs are wont to stabilize and control blood sugar levels amongst the people of diabetes. These categories have different mechanisms to regulate blood sugar levels.

 and that they need to maintain a correct diet and do exercise because they play a important role within the maintenance of the weight and blood sugar levels and in reducing symptoms. Changes within the within the life style activities that would help maintain vital sign and healthy blood glucose levels within the person with diabetes, with such life style changes including increased daily exercise and a well-balanced diet that has no sugars, reduced fats, fresh fruits and vegetables.

 supported the subject i might wish to discuss about why diabetic patients should proper diet on time and for exercise. These two lifestyle modifications are mainly important to the diabetic patient because they keep the patient in healthy way likewise, I said in above paragraph.


 Diet maintain a big role within the maintenance of blood glucose levels face to face who are obese and pre diabetic and who have symptoms. Mainly nutritional therapy is given to them because they’re useful in improving glycaemic control and metabolism.

 once you have diabetes, your body can’t ready to adjust the quantity of insulin that goes into your blood stream in response to what you eat. Eating an equivalent amount of carbohydrates at an equivalent time a day can assist you keep the body sugar levels to normal. If they don’t eat proper time on a day on same time, at that specific time they get decreased in blood glucose levels and that they may get faint, sweating and other symptoms. in order that why people with diabetes carry any food item with them whenever they get decreased in blood glucose level, they eat it and maintain it. in order that why people with diabetes should maintain proper diet and eat it in proper time without fail, maintain the blood glucose levels in blood. By eating in proper time on a day their body is hooked in to it just like the amount of blood glucose is maintained at particular time. If they’re not taken food at that specific time, they feel inconvenient at that point they’ll get less blood sugar levels.

Quality& quantity:

                                    people with diabetic patient should take proper diet such as you can eat everything you wish but you ought to confirm that diet should contain nutritious and healthy food like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, non-fat, non-dairy products and lean meat. they need high in vitamins, minerals, fibre and proteins. Should take low saturated fat, cholesterol and sugar. If you eat fewer calories than you would like, you’ll lose your weight. To lose I pound, you would like to chop 3,500 calories for, your diet for one week or 500 for at some point.


                  eating an equivalent time a day can keep your blood glucose levels closer to normal. Most diabetic drugs help to spend the sugar. once you take the medication, you ought to take same amount of carbohydrates at that very same time, if you don’t that medication can cause your blood glucose to drop. And patient with diabetes should take only sufficient amount of carbohydrates less or less. If you’re taking more carbohydrates at wrong time the medication in your body can’t keep your blood glucose normal, they’ll get high.

• Have a breakfast within an hour and half awakening.

• Eat a meal every 4 to five hours then.

• Have a snack between meals if u get hungry.

• Eat regular and little meals up to six per day it’ll assist you to stay portions.

• Keep calorie intake an equivalent.

Choose diet:

                          Limit refined carbohydrates like bread, pasta, and rice, also as soda, candy, packaged meals, and snack foods. specialise in high fibre complex carbohydrates.

Reduce carving of sweets, reduce amount of sugar in recipes.

Don’t choose unhealthy fats choose healthy fats those are unsaturated fats which comes from fish, olive oil, nuts, and avocados. Omega 3 fatty acids.

Limit meat and avoid processed meat.

Keeping weight in restraint, being active, and eating a healthy diet can help prevent most cases of type2 diabetes.


                        It can help you manage your weight and may improve insulin sensitivity.

It is easy to start by doing exercising   like walk for 30 mins a day. You can also swim, biking etc.

Exercise lovers blood glucose levels and boost up your body’s sensitivity to insulin, countering insulin resistance.

Exercise lowers HbA1c values by 0.7.

The best time for exercise is 1 to 3 hrs after eating.

If u want to do exercise then first you check the blood glucose level in your body, if it is low then eat any fruit or other to keep it in normal level and check after 30 min whether it is normal or not and you can do the exercise, this will help u from hypoglycemic shock.

It’s a good idea to start exercising about 30 min after the beginning of the meal.

While during exercise at first 30 min the blood glucose levels increases and then its goes down. If you have high blood glucose during the exercise you should stop or it may be dangerous.

If u do exercise regularly, it means your helps to use insulin more efficiently. This can lower your blood sugar levels for up to 12 hrs after your exercise. By this it may reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Exercise after a meal is a good way to reduce blood glucose levels and lower your risk.

Diabetic patient who are with obese should do regular exercise to reduce your weight or you may suffer with complications.

And if you have no time during morning for exercise then eat some proteins or fibers.

At morning patient may have high or low blood glucose levels, if low they should eat and do exercise or he may get hypoglycemic condition. And at after eating meals after some times like after 4 hours if we do exercise then blood glucose level be maintained or sometimes glucose may drop.

                           By this diabetic patient should maintain diet in proper time and do exercise regularly without fail by this blood glucose levels get normal and there will be no complications and they would be healthy by taking proper diet and medications.

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