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Government Should give funding to Pharmacy Students for Rapid Drug Discovery on COVID19 – What is the basic requirement for this funding explain it ?

COVID-19, as a pandemic, and it is a rare disease. As an essential part of the health care community, the pharmacy peoples to play the most prominent possible role in response to this outbreak. Pharmacy is a science and dispensing, preparing the practice of discovering, producing, and reviewing drugs aiming to ensure the effective, safe,  and affordable use of drugs.  Pharmacy students are studying almost 40 theory subjects and doing 20 practicals. To compare with theory subjects, they are more concentrating on practical. Some medicine subjects also included in pharmacy syllabus like Pharmacology, Anatomy, and physiology subjects. As drug experts, pharmacists should be equipped with the skills to prevent, identify, and resolve drug-related problems. In any crisis, leaders have two equally essential household tasks. Solve the instantaneous difficulty and keep it away from happening again. We need to keep lives now while also improving the way we respond to outbreaks in general. The first point is more processing, but the second has significant long term consequences.

The new chemical entities or moieties may derive from plants or animals or form organisms. In the pharmacy syllabus, they included pharmacognosy and photochemistry subject. By this subject, they make out the modern extraction techniques, characterization, and identification of herbal drugs. They may get ready, isolate and identify the phytoconstituents

By studying pharmaceutics subjects like formulation technology, industrial pharmacy, dispensing, and general pharmacy subject, they well known about incompatibilities and manufacturing techniques with evaluation parameters, including the development of various dosage forms.

By Chemistry subjects such as organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry, they identify the chemistry of drugs concerning their pharmacological activity and metabolic pathways, adverse effect, and therapeutic value of medicines. They demonstrate the structure-activity relationships of a different class of drugs and chemical synthesis of drugs.

By studying human anatomy and physiology, illustrate the structures and functions of different systems such as the cardiovascular system, central nervous system, digestive system, endocrine system, immune system, integumentary system, lymphatic system, nervous system,   respiratory systems, etc. They recognize the various homeostatic mechanisms and their imbalances. They execute the multiple experiments related to special senses and coordinate the working pattern of different organs of each system.

By studying the pharmaceutical analysis, they reveal the analytical skills, principles of volumetric, electrochemical analysis, reactions, and titrations.

By studying pharmaceutical inorganic chemistry, they distinguish the sources of impurities and methods to determine the contaminants in inorganic drugs and pharmaceuticals. They explain the medicinal and pharmaceutical importance of inorganic compounds.

By studying Pharmacology, they describe the mechanism of drug action and its relevance in the treatment of different diseases and isolates different organs and tissues from the laboratory animals under ethical considerations. They identify the various receptor actions using isolated tissue preparations and correlate pharmacology with related medical sciences.

By studying bio-pharmaceutics, distinguish the basic concepts and significance of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. By Pharmacokinetics, calculate various parameters. They recognize the thoughts of bioavailability and bioequivalence of drug products and their importance.

By studying pharmaceutical biotechnology, they demonstrate the importance of immobilized enzymes, genetic engineering applications concerning the production of pharmaceuticals. They recognize the importance of monoclonal antibodies and the use of microorganisms in fermentation technology in industries.

By studying pharmaceutical quality assurance, they describe the current good manufacturing practices and aspects of the industry. They know the importance of documentation and scope of quality certification applicable to industries. They assumed the responsibilities of quality assurance and quality control departments.

By studying biochemistry, they demonstrate the catalytic role, importance of enzymes, enzyme inhibitors in the propose of new drugs, the dosage forms, and therapeutic applications of enzymes. They describe the metabolism of nutrient molecules in physiological and pathological conditions. And they identify the genetic organization of the mammalian genome and functions of DNA in the synthesis of RNA and proteins.

By pathophysiology, they describe the etiology and pathogenesis of the selected disease states. They know the signs and symptoms of the diseases and mention the complications also.

By studying the environmental sciences, they impart the necessary knowledge and create awareness about ecological problems among learners. And they motivate the learner to participate in environmental protection and improvement.

By studying physical pharmacy, they illustrate various physicochemical properties of drug molecules in designing the dosage forms. They describe the principles of chemical kinetics and to use them for stability testing and determination of the expiry date of formulations. They demonstrate the use of physicochemical properties in the formulation development and evaluation of dosage forms.

By studying pharmaceutical microbiology, they demonstrate the methods of identification, cultivation, and preservation of various microorganisms. They illustrate the importance and implementation of sterilization in pharmaceutical processing and industry; they learn the sterility testing and carry the microbiological standardization of pharmaceuticals. They recognize the cell culture technology and its applications in pharmaceutical industries.

By studying pharmaceutical engineering, they demonstrate the unit operations and material handling techniques. They perform various processes involved in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process and carry multiple tests to prevent environmental pollution. They appreciate and comprehend the significance of plant layout design for excellent resources; they know the variety of anticipatory methods use for corrosion control in pharmaceutical industries.

By studying pharmaceutical jurisprudence, they express the pharmaceutical legislation and their implications in the development and marketing of pharmaceuticals. They recognize the various Indian pharmaceutical Indian laws and acts; they regulate authorities and agencies governing the manufacture and sale of medicines. The code of ethics also understands during pharmaceutical practice.

By studying instrumental analysis, they illustrate the interaction of matter with electromagnetic radiations and its applications in drug analysis. They demonstrate the chromatographic separations and analyze the drugs. And they perform a quantitative and qualitative analysis of drugs using various analytical instruments.

By studying novel drug delivery systems, they describe various approaches for the selection of drugs and polymers for the development of innovative drug delivery systems.

After completion identification new chemical entity, it must pass the clinical trials, and it is essential whether a medicine works and is safe. Pharmacy students well educated about medication adherence, possible intentional and unintentional reasons for non-adherence, and motivational strategies to improve medication adherence. The pharmacist is more likely to detect adverse drug reactions (ADR’s) causes and prevents ADR’s and medication errors, improving patient satisfaction and quality of life, and improving economic outcomes. Frequently, for the determination of ADR and drug efficacy, pharmacovigilance is also using nowadays.

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