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How indian Pharma Companies have to Secure World’s Pharmaceutical market during this lockdown of COVID pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic has brought about a drastic change in the whole world and is giving a tough time to all. A virus has overtaken our planet and has spread rapidly costing us our lives.The vaccine for it is still being prepared and researchers are working their level best so as to find a cure to this outbreak. With days passing by, the number of covid infected patients are increasing. Though the patients are recovering from it and it is found to be life threatening for the elderly and people with underlying diseases.The only solution to prevent it for now has got to be social distancing as the saying goes ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and hence Lockdown has been imposed in most parts of the world and India has declared a nationwide lockdown which is strictly being followed by the law abiding citizens. The healthcare workers are at the front line in battling this pandemic. Doctors, nurses and pharmacists are doing their job, risking their lives. Although the lockdown is imposed in order to refrain from the spread of infection, it has also shown negative effects by affecting the economic factor of the country. Many people have lost their jobs and find it difficult to make a living. But that doesn’t end there, the government is doing the needful by providing essentials to those in need. This is the time which teaches us empathy and to help others.We rise by lifting others.

Coming to the pharmaceutical sector, in order to deal with this situation, several strategies need to be executed on a high level to face the hard times.The managers along with the team need to step up to analyze where they lack and how to make a comeback first to get stable and then in the world market.To maintain the steady pace of work, the pharma sector needs to buckle up and make smart moves which will help Indian pharma companies to secure World’s pharmaceutical market during this lockdown of Covid pandemic. Since India is the largest producer of Hydroxy chloroquine nearly 70 percent of HCQ production takes place in India and this made the recent headlines which saw the demand for HCQ supply in different countries like the USA and it proved to be beneficial in the market as a gamechanger for pharmaceutical sector.The supply of hydroxy chloroquine and paracetamol tablets have seemingly opened opportunities for the indigenous pharma companies. It’s an achievement in its own and can be a ticket to secure a high rank in the world’s pharma market. By bonding with various companies, there’s an experience of a different exposure of learning and developing skills not known before.

Besides this, the Pharma companies should increase the production of drugs which have a high demand overseas. By doing this our growth and relation with the international companies gets strong and is beneficial for a company to make it recognizable on a large platform. This is only possible when the manufacturing unit is working and the drugs are manufactured likewise. An appeal should be made to the government regarding this issue and how it affects the economy and eventually public health. The transport of raw materials, bulk commodities should be allowed to be done so that drug manufacturing takes place and the pharma companies can do their part effectively. Meetings and discussions should be held time and again with the officials in order to get more ideas and views. This is very important as we get a new outlook which can prove to be beneficial for all. The employees should be motivated and encouraged to work efficiently.Work from home is advised in this time and that can be done to some extent. Online meetings can be conducted regarding any discussion without actually meeting in person. Without violating the rules and regulations, and making use of technology a lot can be achieved. Amidst the lockdown, we have to find ways by which our work is not affected. Advices and suggestions should be appreciated from meetings held with different pharma companies of various countries. With our cooperation towards the country and government and the government providing ease and aid in the working of pharma companies there shouldn’t be a matter of concern. Making use of this time to think of great cope up mechanisms and initiatives would be beneficial. Each member has the responsibility of taking the company to boost significantly and hence each responsible member should make a move towards promoting their company and eventually for the betterment of health care. Advances in technology are considered to be a boon in science. This opportunity shouldn’t be missed and making use of technology, pharma companies can work out and be helpful in researching. Times like these are a challenge for all of us and demands patience and perseverance. Starting from the laborers to the professionals, it’s a test of how much capable we are to deal with these circumstances. Ups and downs are a part of life and this situation is such that the whole world is sailing in the same ship. Now here comes the need of expressing unity and brotherhood. This is the time to work in unison.This too shall pass but for now patience is the key.Our ability to exercise self discipline and mindfulness amidst chaos and confusion, will be the determining factor in how successful we feel post lockdown. The betterment of the pharmaceutical sector not only benefits the professionals but also the public and the country at large. Since it revolves around health and it is a vital factor for living.By following a pattern of conduct and precision, the pharma companies can rise high and they are of utmost want at this time. They are the need of the hour.After collection of ideas and proper planning, executing is the necessary step. In this way I believe that the Indian Pharmaceutical companies with consistency in work and making best use of available resources can secure World’s pharmaceutical market even in this this lockdown of covid pandemic.

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