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I-ACT for Children to ramp up Covid-19 paediatric trials

The Institute for Advanced Clinical Trials for Children (I-ACT for Children) has launched the Covid-19 Emergency Access Programme to speed up the development of pediatric Covid-19 trials.

This access programme allows companies to access the organisation’s trial-planning experts and pediatric trial network to accelerate the development of coronavirus treatments and vaccines.

The launch of I-ACT’s programme allows any company developing Covid-19 treatments/vaccines, including non-members, to access the organisation’s pediatric research network in order to conduct their pediatric clinical trials with respect to coronavirus.

Earlier last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that roughly 1.7% of Covid-19 infections had occurred in children aged 18 and below.

I-ACT for Children chief medical officer Gary Noel said: “The immediate research focus has rightly been on the adults who make up the majority of severe Covid-19 cases, but we cannot neglect the needs of children who are becoming seriously ill with Covid-19.

“We must ensure that as treatments and vaccines are developed, children are included in clinical trials so that they can benefit from advances just as adults do.”

According to I-ACT, non-member companies will be able to work with I-ACT for Children to plan and execute Covid-19 clinical trials as part of the new emergency access programme.

Based in the US, I-ACT for Children is a non-profit organisation engaged in the advancement of paediatric clinical trials.

The company aims to provide unmet medical needs by supporting the development of novel medicines and devices for children.

It also seeks to optimise biomedical innovation using child-centered clinical trial networks by collaborating with like-minded institutions and other stakeholders.

The I-ACT for Children site network currently operates 62 US paediatric research sites.

In May last year, I-ACT for Children selected Advarra to provide central institutional review board (IRB) services to accelerate its paediatric clinical trials network.

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