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The U.S is biggest generic export destination for India!

On the current pharmaceutical sector the generic drug have a significant value for its modern technology with accurate efficacy, easy available and cheaper price in drug delivery system. On the 20th century global pharmaceutical evaluation every country started to pull up their pharmaceutical sector on producing different kind of drugs with different dosage form to lead as a world pharmaceutical leader.That competition show a big positive sign for world healthcare sector.

A generic drugs also must contain same active ingredient which is cheaper and also equivalent as innovator drug. On today’s world the generic drug is more popular for patient’s & respective country for its low investment and more capability & economical counter parts on reducing over all healthcare cost.

Today about 50% of all the drug in global market are generic. About 88% of the prescriptionin U.S were generic. In India the branded generic accounts for 90% value on its market. Country like U.S, U.K, Japan, Canada, Austrellia holds a great generic market share globally with their manufacturing units like Pfizer, Mylan, Gsk, Teva, Abbot, Novartis Sonafi etc.

On currently India hold 3rd position globally on producing quality generic drug. India manufacturing units in pharma holds 5th position as a global pharma generic drug manufacturing other also also Lupin, Zydus, Ipca, Cipla, Dr.Reddy, Aurobindo pharma holds a great position globally as a generic drug producer on world, India is the largest generic medicine provider globally, occupyinga 20% share in global share on volume. The country India is home to 3000 Pharma companies with a strong network over 10,500 manufacturing facilities. India is the source of 60000 generic drug brands across 60 therapeutics categories & manufacturing more than 500 different API’s. the export of generic drug is one of India’s core strength.

The India pharmaceutical industry received foreign direct investment worth USD15.72 Between April 2000-2018 march.

On currently India is a great choice for a llleading MNC pharma company for expanding their pharmaceutical sector. The U.S is biggest generic export destination for India, which supply 40% of U.S. generic drug needs. Now a day India is a superior for global generic pharma. India export 50% global demand for various vaccines & 25% medicines in U.K. India also largest vaccines producer in world, largest Bio-pharmasector with top medical device producer in Asia.

The country has a large pool of scientist & engineer to spear the industry a head to an even higher level. Currently India supplies medicines to global for treating lifestyle disease like Diabetes, Cancer, Malaria, Hypertension, AIDS, Gout, Epilepsy and many more and much cheaper price as compare to global market value. Due to low treatment cost India also emerging as primary destination for medical tourism.

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