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Effect of Lockdown on Mental Health and Stress

Right now, more of humanity is likely at home than at any other time in history. Billions held
in place for an indefinite time. The implications of these radical measures will take time to
unravel. It is already reorienting our relationship to government, to the outside world, even to
each other. So, let try to see the effects of QUARANTINE on world, which are unfamiliar to
Quarantine has a worse effect on mental health and leads the stress. In addition to various
psychological problems like depression, anxiety, and panic disorder, the COVID-19
pandemic has caused severe threats to the lives and mental health of people around the globe.
In response to the problems posed by the pandemic, various public health strategies such as
isolation of infected or at-risk persons, reduction of social contact, and simple hygiene like
frequent hand wash, have been advised to reduce the risk of infection.
Although isolation helps in achieving the goal of reducing infections, reduced access to
family, friends, and other social support systems causes loneliness increasing mental issues
like anxiety and depression. While many people are experiencing anxiety as they cope with the
impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges of life in lockdown may be particularly
complex for people with existing mental health conditions.
The lockdown applied to three main areas: physical movement out of the home, social
distancing when outside the home, and restricted availability of most public services while
sparing essential services. There was a sudden and drastic alteration in the daily routine, with
many millions stranded in boarding houses and rental apartments, without work and far from
Studies have shown that this sudden loss of employment, along with financial stress or even
distress, could enhance the psychological impact on the working community, shown by
symptoms of increased aggressiveness and post-traumatic stress. However, the impact of the
lockdown is likely to be heaviest on those who are alone, poor, already psychologically
burdened, or out of the mainstream at baseline. Another more needy group is the community
of old and sick people, often without immediate family caregivers in the vicinity. They are
known to have a higher risk of acquiring the infection. Those who are exposed to potential
sources of infection on a daily basis are even more likely to be stressed about the possibility
of not only becoming infected but carrying the virus home to their families and friends.
Various steps given under can help you to overcome mental stress during lockdown:

  1. Maintain a daily routine: Getting enough exercise, keeping hydrated during the
    summer months and eating whole grains, protein packed fibre and green leafy
    vegetable is important during lockdown. Stay away from ordering home delivery or
    emotionally binge eating when you feel down.
  2. Meditation: Meditation is known to help you connect with your higher soul, and
    balance your mind. Spending some time visualising a better tomorrow, and future will
    help you to positively reinforce yourself, and keep peace and positive energy flowing
    with others around you at home.
  3. Restrict time spent on media and social media: Since we are all locked up indoors we
    often turn to our phones and social media to see what our friends and loved ones are
    up to. While this is healthy in small doses, it can be extremely damaging if not kept in
    check. Turning to social media handles such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can
    make you get lost in a world of make believe, and lead to unhealthy comparisons.
    Usually it leads us to a fake world full of comparisons. Keep yourself occupied by
    going for a walk in your compound, learning a new skill, taking up an online course,
    or speaking to a loved one directly on the phone or through video calling features.
  4. Professional Help: One can always seek help from a therapist or helpline number of
    various professionals. The person at the other end of the helpline is trained to help you
    through trying times and difficult situations in life.  Reaching out to a
    Therapist/Psychiatrist or helpline is completely necessary if you feel hopeless,
    helpless, isolated or suicidal.

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