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  • India is the third largest in the pharmaceutical industry. Indian pharmaceutical industry is well known in producing “Generic” product at a very low cost. Indian pharmaceutical are also well known because of their Innovation and Manufacturing.
  • From past few months due to Novel Corona Virus each and every field is facing many problems in which the Health Care Sector & the Economical Sector are facing crises.
  • If we concentrate on the Pharmaceutical field only, India is known for its affordable manufacturing of medicine which will play a vital role in fight against Novel Corona Virus.
  • As we all know that this Corona Virus is a communicable disease it spread through “Person-to-Person”. On taking care of Indian citizen, Indian Government declared “Lock Down” for more than One month. Due to sudden lock down the supply chain broke down and the Industry not able to dispatch the material. There was shortage of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), therefore, the manufacturing field were at halt. Medicines were not dispatched, so the hospital needs were also not fulfilled.
  • According to World Health Organization (WHO) – “Currently there is no licensed Medicine, Vaccines, and Treatment available for Novel Corona Virus. This is the time where Indian pharmaceutical field have to face many problems and have to thing or work in discovery of medicine or vaccines. Our Scientist , Biotechnologist and Researchers are performing trials and trying to overcome from this Pandemic Situation.
  • As the Novel Corona Virus has been spread all over the world, it is now necessary to discover a new ‘ Drug Molecule’ which will help to fight against this disease. For now only supportive therapy are available which are helping to an extent. Some days back ICMR suggested using Plasma convalescent therapy for the person who were in critical /  serious condition. This therapy uses the Plasma of person which has been fully recovered as it’s plasma contains Antibodies this may help to reduce the severity of disease. This therapy isn’t consider as treatment as there the no viable supporting criteria as well some people positively responded while some other didn’t. It is hard to say that plasma can be used as it showed different effects on people worldwide.
  • As India is the largest producer of the Anti Malarial drug Hydroxychloroqine and Chloroqine. In this pandemic, India has exported this drug to United State. As for now it is not confirmed that Hydroxychloroqine and Chloroqine which is antimalarial drug   , helpful in the prevention of Covid-19. Prior it was used as Prophylactic as well supportive treatment and it didn’t show much positive effect rather it showed subsequent adverse effects. So the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warning because this drug may produce heart disease and many other unwanted side effects one of which is ringing syndrome .
  • On the other hand, the good news is that Indian companies like Glenmark have received an approval for the manufacturing of anti-viral drug named Favipiravir which is given person having mild to medium covid-19 symptoms . As well this drug has showed positive response from major people except few people from the critical condition or with majorly underlying disorders this drug has been limited to them. Several other combination of Antivirals are used now like oral lopinavir+ritonavir as well in some cases ribavarin is also used.
  • As Vaccine is an aid which is helpful to person to boost the immune system and which give a new life. Discovery of vaccine is a very challenging task because the virus seems to be mutating so, it takes lots of theoretical studies, pre-clinical as well as post clinical trials to observe the effect. But the Indian scientist and the researchers are trying to discover vaccine against Covid-19.
  • An Indian company named Bharat Biotech has successfully developed a vaccine named Covaxin with the collaboration of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)& National institute of Virology (NIV) which has successfully passed the Phase-I & II Human Trials. With this vaccine, we will remain hopeful that it will be successful for Covid-19. Whereas on other hand renowned Indian pharmaceutical company Zydus cadila  has also developed a vaccine names ZyCov-D is second indigenous vaccine to get DCGI nod and clinical trials are underway for this vaccine . Both of these vaccine are different in each way Covaxin contain inactivated strain  of virus with alum precipitates while on other hand ZyCov-D is modern type DNA vaccine .
    • Primary trials are initiated from 7th July 2020, as the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has given a dead line of 15th Aug – 2020.
    • If these trials are successful, then not only in India or United State this vaccine will help the world to fight with the Novel Corona Virus.                           
  • India top diplomat Taranjeet Singh Sandhu has said, “The Ayurvedic practitioner and researchers in India will start a joint clinical trial on vaccine with United State. Both the country will start a joint clinical trial on Ayurvedic formulation against Covid-19. Researchers and Practitioner will share their technology as well as their knowledge to come out from this pandemic.
  • As we all know that this Novel Corona Virus spreads through person to person, the primary stage where person start showing symptoms is flu, which then will infect the lungs, producing cough and conjunction which leads to Bronchitis. All these symptoms will directly trigger over immune system. So the Scientist and Researchers are working to boost the immune system of person.
  •  Due to this Covid-19 our pharmaceutical Industry realize, how beneficial our Ancient Science or Ayurveda Study is. As we all know that, at this time Ayurvedic Drugs are really something important that we are looking for.
  • Seeing the current scenario ayurvedic prectioner have started doing trials on ayurveda product like Giloy Tablets, Septilin, Tulsi and Neem to observe the effect.
  • Scientist came to know that these ayurveda product help to boost the immune system which will help the person from being affected from Covid-19.
  • Company like Patanjali Ayurved, Himalaya Wellness, Dabur Said they were seeing high demand for the immunity booster products. Like Chyawnprash. The Ministry of Ayush has recommended “Ayush – 64” which help to boost the immune system.
  • On the other hand alternative Prophylactic dose have been suggested for the drug named Arsenic album 30 a homeopathic medicine  , 3tablets at 3 times a day that is to be taken for consequently 7 to 8 days which has seen increase in immunity.
  • Even doctors are also suggesting working on immune system; so many people are buying these drugs in bulk. Because when these products are taken continuously for six week, results will be beneficial and people will be gifted with a new life.     

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