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Pin nailer Vs brad nailer

In most of the work, we mostly like the short ways to finish it.  Nail guns are the most popular nowadays. They are very easy to use and did not take too much time. In the category of nail guns, the two popular ones are pin nailer and brad nailer. It is most important to clearly understand the difference between the two. In this article, we tell you the details about the pin nailer Vs brad nailer. We are here to help you to remove your confusion.


Pin nailer and brad nailer are just like the staplers. As we know a stapler is used to staple or fix something like paper. Similarly, these nailers are used to fix the two parts of the wood. A pin nailer is used to joints the trim pieces and the wooden frames and furniture. Brad nailer is also used for the wooden works and to joints the parts. But brad nailer provides more strong attachment than the pin nailer because it is more powerful than the pin nailer and has larger pins. Both the nailers have their quality and have different functions.

Pin nailer Vs Brad nailer- comparison chart

               Pin nailer            Brad nailer
Nail size is smallNail size is larger than pin nailers
Holes are so smallHoles are little large
No need to fill the holesSometimes holes are required to be filled
Glues are used along with pinsUse of pin is sufficient
Holding power is lessStrong holding power
Wood will not split after its useSometimes wood will split
No need to use oil for smooth functioningUse of oil smooth its functioning
Nails in the pin nailer are headlessHead is present but they are very small
Used for soft workpieceUsed for hard workpiece too
Pins are temporaryPins provide permanent support
23-guaze size nail18-guaze size nail

Pin nailer Vs brad nailer: Differences

  1. Functionality-

The pin size used in the pin nailer and brad nailer is different. The pin nailer has a pin size of about 23-gauze and the brad nailer has a pin size of about 18 gauzes. The numbers of pin do not signify the size. In the case of pin nailer and brad nailer, if the number is more, the size is less. If you want to fix the smooth pieces then you pin nailer. But if you want a strong attachment you should choose the brad nailer.

  • Functionality-

Pin nailer and brad nailer just similar-looking tools but their functions are quite different from each other. Pin nailer provides the temporary attachment if you are using it with any glue. But brad nailer can support the pieces more strongly than the pin nailer.

  • Functionality-

The holding power of the brad nailer is more than the pin nailer. The pin nailers are effective only when we are using the glue. Brad nailer provides holding power similar to the 16 gauze nailer. When you want more holding power then brad nailer is the real winner.

  • Functionality-

The length of the nails both the nailers are different. They are available in a variety of lengths. Nails of brad nailer available in length ranging from 3/8 inch to 2 inches. And nails of pin nailer available in lengths ranging from 5/8 to 2 inches.

  • Functionality-

The versatility of the brad nailer is more than the pin nailer. You can use the brad nailer for a variety of works like for trimming purposes, in finishing, holding the material, and many more. Brad’s nails are a winner in terms of versatility. It is your choice to choose the correct one according to your basic needs.

Pin nailer Vs brad nailer: Similarities

  1. Functionality-  

Pin nailers and brad nailers both are required for the soft wooden work because the nails used in both nailers are narrow. They are used to joints the pieces together and provide support to them. Both the nailers are very easy to use. But they are not suitable to joints the heavy pieces. You can use both the nailers for small finishing work in case of finishing furniture, cosmetics, etc. and cannot use them for hard plywood or in a thick wooden frame.

  • Functionality-

Both pin nailer and brad nailer used similarly. The way of putting the nails and shooting them into the workpiece is the same. Both the nailers pneumatically shoot the nails into the material.

What do you get with each box?

Pin nailer-  

The accessories which you get along with the pin nailer are nailed, safety kit, protective goggles, battery, and charger in electric type, manual, carrying case.

Brad nailer-

The accessories come along with the brad nailer are the safety kit, nails, battery along with its charger, goggles, working manual.

The accessories in the box are generally depended upon the condition that you are purchasing the nailer of which company. Each company provides different accessories. Some provide some accessories whereas some provide only the required one.

Overview of pin nailer:

Pin nailer is the smallest nailer in the entire gun family. It is preferred for most of the works like in trimming wooden works, in carpentry, in small household works, etc. Pin nailer has a nail size of about 23-gauze. The pins present in the pin nailer are headless. After entering into the wooden-ply it becomes just invisible and gives a smooth appearance. Pin nailers used to hold the material at their places and avoid the movement. They can be used only with the glue. The pins in the pin nailer are very thin and when we used them in our workpiece in gives the beautiful finishing. The size of the pins varies according to our work from 1 inch to 3/8 inch in length. For the delicate and soft trim pieces, a pin nailer is an excellent choice.

Some variety of pin nailers available in the market are:

  • Pin nailer of Hitachi NP35A, 23-Gauze
  • Pin nailer of Grex P635, 23-Gauze
  • BOSTITCH Pin nailer, 23-Gauze
  • Senco Fastening Systems 8F0001N Pin nailer

In the market two types of pin nailer are available:

  1. Pin nailer in the pneumatic mode

In the pueumatic type, an air compressor is required and this type of nailer requires more energy and pressure for functioning.

  • Pin nailer in electric mode

In electric type, batteries are required for woking the nailer. These batteries are chargeable. Due to this feature, the cost of this type is a little higher but it is very beneficial and easy to use.

Overview of brad nailer:

Brad nailer is one of the best nailer guns in terms of providing the holding power. The nails in the brad nailer are available in 18-gauge size. The nail size is smaller than the pin nailer. The pins are available in different sizes ranging from 5/8 inch to 2 inches. You can use the different sizes of pins according to your work like in base, decoration, cabinet’s finishing. The pins used in the brad nailer have a little head over it which is visible sometimes but not looks bad. It provides strong support to the workpiece. Most of the professional prefer the brad nailer for regular use. The holding power provided by the brad nailer is similar to the holding power of 15-16-gauze nailers. It is an important feature for the brad nailer. Most of the workers choose the brad nailer because it is more versatile and used in many kinds of work and very useful tool for the DIYers and woodworkers. It provides continuous firing mode and works quickly. Brad nailer is not suitable for drywall surfaces. This tool has the exhaust to keep the dust away from the working area.

A variety of brad nailer available in the market are:

  • Hitachi NT50AE2, pneumatic type
  • PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA, electric type
  • DEWALT Brad nailer kit
  • WEN 61720, 18-Guaze brad nailer

Types of brad nailer:

  1. Pneumatic mode-

Compressed air is used to provide power and available in different sizes. It provides a continuous work supply and become the first choice for professional workers.

  • Electric mode-

It operates on batteries and has more life. It works for a longer duration and more expensive than the pneumatic mode.


Pin nailer and brad nailer both are a beneficial tool for the woodworkers and also for the small household work. But if you want temporary support for your work-piece then only use a pin nailer. As pin nailer provides you the temporary support without leaving any mark on the work-piece. In the case of brad-nailer, they can provide both types of support temporary as well as permanent. Brad nailer did not use any type of glue for support. You decide to choose the correct one according to your need for work.

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