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International Conference on Continue Pharmacy Education: Opportunity and Challenges for Pharmaceutical Professionals in Drug Discovery and Development

Organized by
Priyadarshini College of Pharmacy In Association with
Operant Pharmacy Federation on
08- January-2022 (09:00 AM)

About conference:

Drug development faces the double challenge of increasing costs and increasing pressure on pricing. To avoid that lack of perceived commercial perspective will leave existing medical needs unmet, pharmaceutical companies and many other stakeholders are discussing ways to improve the efficiency of drug Research and Development. In this conference we discuss the opportunities and challenges of three specific areas, i.e., public–private partnerships, adaptive designs and big data. Public–private partnerships come in many different forms with regard to scope, duration and type and number of participants. They range from project- specific collaborations to strategic alliances to large multi-party consortia. Each of them offers specific opportunities and faces distinct challenges. Among types of collaboration, investigator-initiated studies are becoming increasingly popular but have legal, ethical, and financial implications. Adaptive trial designs are also increasingly discussed. However, adaptive should not be used as euphemism for the repurposing of a failed trial; rather it requires carefully planning and specification before a trial starts. Adaptive licensing can be a counter-part of adaptive trial design. The use of Big Data is another opportunity to leverage existing information into knowledge useable for drug discovery and development. Respecting limitations of informed consent and privacy is a key challenge in the use of Big Data. Speakers and participants at the conference were convinced that appropriate use of the new options may indeed help to increase the efficiency of future drug development.

Priyadarshini College of Pharmacy:

Priyadarshini College of Pharmacy in Koratagere, Tumkur district, Karnataka where learning is a perfect blend of oriental wisdom and modern technology. This kind of institution where a student has something boost for being a part of it. Priyadarshini college of pharmacy is established in the year 2003 with an insight to promote excellence in pharmaceutical education and to groom young students to meet the diversified challenges in the area of pharmaceutical industries, education, research & development and marketing with supreme professional standards. The institution has started the journey with D. Pharmacy programme in the year 2003, B. Pharmacy programme in the year 2004 and M. Pharmacy programme in two specializations-Pharmaceutics and Quality Assurance in the year 2011. Priyadarshini college of pharmacy is the Part of Minhas education trust that is the brainchild of Mr. P. S. Minhas who himself is a pharmacist and fully dedicated to the development of competitive modern pharmacist and served as an advisor for the development of various pharmaceutical institutions. He also contributing his experience as the president of Indian pharmaceutical association koratagere branch and the member of the various central executive committees like IPA branch Mumbai, association of pharmaceutical teachers of Indian, FIP Netherlands, the society of pharmacognosy and Indian society of technical education.

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