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Corona virus disease is caused by corona virus which was simply named as COVID-19. It was named as COVID-19 because the corona virus disease started in 2019 in Wuhan city china. The name corona was derived due to its crown like structure. This corona virus causes severe acute respiratory syndrome. COVID 19 virus spreads mainly through droplets of saliva, discharge from nose, cough and sneezing from an infected person.
Most of the people affected with COVID 19 will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness, older people and those with other medical co morbidities like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease are more likely to develop serious illness and may also lead to death in elderly patients. Young people and well immunized persons are getting well with specific treatments. The best way to stay away from COVID 19 and stop its transmission through self-care by washing hands with
alcohol based sanitizer and frequently avoid hands to contact to face, covering face with a mask while going outside. It spreads to person to person by droplets with virus particles inhaled by others when these come into contact with lining of larynx and throat. The Ace-2 receptors present on the surface of virus which is a protein that primed to lock on that receptors and delivers RNA into the cells, then it starts its replication and develop multiple copies of virons. These virions burst the cells and spread the infection. Incubation period of COVID19 is 2 days to 14 days it is based on the individual person immunity, sometimes the virus is contagious but don’t present any symptoms in some people. So, WHO prescribed
some safety measures like washing hands with sanitizer or soap it helps in losing the it ability to stick on hands and prevent further spread, maintaining social distancing from the person who is infected and also
from the droplets from other person sneeze and cough, avoid touching hands to the nose, eyes, mouth because it helps in faster spread of infection and make the person sick. The economy through worldwide could shrink by up to 1 per cent in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, a reversal from the previous forecast of 2.5 per cent growth. The economy will be declined
slowly due to lockdown because of no working human labor and no exchange of the goods and products. But this is a pandemic situation to follow the rules of the government to save our life and our future

In parallel with personal activities, clinical activities, private and government medical centers, academic medical centers and universities are shutdown. scientific research activities are maximized by maintain social distancing to minimize the spread of the infection to research staff and other people who are working with them and people who are in contact with them. Researchers in many different fields like microbiology, patient care, vaccine preparation, economy calculators all those work in this COVID 19 pandemic situation to protect the life and fight with virus and create a history as all they worked for past deadly diseases like Spanish flu, Ebola virus, etc,.

Maintain safety of research personnel and participants is our major priority in research studies and second priority is to preserve the scientific integrity of research protocols. Guidelines should be followed to study enrollment including screening for COVID 19 symptoms and studies involving direct contact with human subjects in the clinical trials and patients in hospital. Maintain social distancing and transitioned all research staff to work from home and maintain contact information for all research team and updated
research group and their work with clear communications. The researchers and their team member’s have to maintain Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) compliance and data control assurances.
Major priority is to safe our research team members and participants in research study and second priority is to save scientific integrity of our research protocols. Some guidelines are need to be followed it includes screening for COVID 19 symptoms particularly for studies involved in direct contact with human subjects. This encourages the staff to learn new skills, online writing and maintain weekly progress tracks, in these times of uncertainty particularly critical to attend to physical and mental wellbeing.
Health and safety of employees and research subjects and also trainees is highest responsibility to safe their life’s with this pandemic COVD 19. Patients frequently have symptoms associated with viral pneumonia, fever, cough, sore throat, myalgia and fatigue. This corona virus had changed our
professional plans
A disease that spreads over a whole country or the whole world is now affecting the researchers and their team members. The researchers continuously work with participants and the people affected with corona
virus and making a risk to their life and their family members. But it was their responsibility in saving the further life’s and damage to the nations and for society. The studies with a single person and with limited
members are impossible in these situations the students are most affected because they are suspended for a period of time in their education and left for self-education. But there are challenges to researches due to unequal access to the internet and affordable data, along with the inefficient broadband services, increasing financial crisis. Though it was a critical situation in identification the damage by the corona virus to the nation the researchers prefer in protecting the life’s of the people by the support of their family and co-workers in their team. Finally the global health crisis had a deep impact on the way that we perceive our everyday lives. Not only the contagion and transmission harms our sense of agency, the safety measures put in place to stop the spread of the virus it also require social distancing. We can save ourselves both as individuals and as citizens by convey a sense of unity reaching large people and to the nations. It is up to us at these critical moments to mark the beginning of a new chapter in research history.
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